Raging Rams

from by Sier Pin Sky



As the sun broke the water
Light gently filtered through the clouds
And the thoughts within their chamber clearly saw the path that they had come

In a craze, my feet had started
To the rhythm of a thousand paper cones
Taninned air adorned my shoulder
You shall do nothing

Deafened by the raging rams
Thunder struck upon my crown
Caught in the storm my mind seemed to be made
But choice had succumbed to the effortless wait
So back in the twilight my mind seemed to stay

Blinded by your faithful scent
Trust had diminished before we had went
That, that is easy is nothing at all
For time had but come to decide for us all
To dwell in deceit or to face the rain fall

Poor town changed
Drinks in vain
Thoughts had strayed
And the clearness went hazy and
All that just
Forgotten by us
Cast down before us
The bitterness lingered it shouldn't have been here at all

I told her I loved her, I told her I cared
But time had been counting us down to the end

At last that my mind had been finally made
The rams could unite and see through on their way


from Upon the Cusp, released September 20, 2012



all rights reserved


Sier Pin Sky Oxford, UK

One big guitar, one little guitar and lots and lots of love.

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